Summer golfing important selection of sunglasses to protect the eyes five recommendations

In summer play, sunlight and UV intensity are very violent, so protect your eyes even more important.

Scientific studies show that strong UV radiation can cause eye discomfort, eyelid skin burns, cataracts, skin cancer, and other eye diseases, ultraviolet mainly through clouds reflection surface and reaches the human eye, and in summer the intensity of this radiation winter and spring is usually 17 times, and noon will be more intense, it will be other times to 10 times. While hot summer will increase the carcinogenic effect of UV radiation, and increased abnormal eye movements and thus weaken your eyesight.

Therefore, the selection of a suitable discharge UV sunglasses for summer golfer essential. For how to select, experts give the following points:

1 to pick the one hundred percent UV protection sunglasses

(2) a lens capable of absorbing blue light can be a good help golfers reading greens and track ball flight rules, brown and amber lenses to enhance contrast.

3 When golfers swing when the head is slightly rotated, but this time frame sunglasses lower edge may interfere with the line of sight, so no frame sunglasses along would be better.

4 of the frame will be too loose when golfers swing slippage, detached from the nose, and thus interfere with players, so choose a snug fit of the frame is essential.

5 If necessary, can be equipped with a special dual-focus lens, so that players do not head up to an uncomfortable position, you can see the ball flight trajectory, but also can easily fill in the scorecard.

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