Summer car should choose sunglasses brown and gray

In the summer, wearing sunglasses driving a large increase in the phenomenon. Foshan Hospital of Zhu Hai, deputy chief physician, said sunglasses to a certain extent reduce the impact of the sun on the line of sight, but the quality varies greatly due to the current sunglasses, plus there is a certain risk driving behavior, buy sunglasses should be cautious, should go to regular store purchase. If you just purchased a pair of glasses in the street wearing a car, it might give motorists buried security risk.

More rational use of shading plate

Experts, if you use the seat above the dazzling sun visor can solve the problem is generally not recommended to use sunglasses. Although high-quality sunglasses can effectively reduce the impact of light on the human eye, but more or less have an impact on vision. As a high risk driving behaviors, easy on the environment misjudgment lead to accidents. If you really want to use while driving sunglasses, suggest the best in their daily walk, walking habit of wearing sunglasses or work status. Need to be reminded that if you do not usually wear sunglasses, do not put the car alone.

Blue lens sunglasses should not be elected

Zhu Hai remind consumers do not buy the “blue light” sun glasses, the glasses can not filter UV rays. In the sunglasses of choice, try to choose brown or gray. Driving choose sunglasses, safety should be the first. Comfortable wearing see things is the most important indicator. It is worth recalling, wearing dark colored sunglasses, eyes will create a very dark environment, easily lead to dilated pupils, long-term wear eye will cause some damage.

Optometrist reminded to wear sunglasses while driving, should not choose pink, purple, light blue and other decorative effect is obvious Dress sunglasses, these colors will not achieve basic eye glasses protective effect, in addition, may also change color to produce color. In general, the car should wear a brown and gray glasses. Tinted lenses to filter out a lot of blue light, can effectively improve the visual contrast and clarity; while the gray lenses can absorb any chromatography equalizer, after wearing no obvious color.

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