Summer golfing important selection of sunglasses to protect the eyes five recommendations

In summer play, sunlight and UV intensity are very violent, so protect your eyes even more important.

Scientific studies show that strong UV radiation can cause eye discomfort, eyelid skin burns, cataracts, skin cancer, and other eye diseases, ultraviolet mainly through clouds reflection surface and reaches the human eye, and in summer the intensity of this radiation winter and spring is usually 17 times, and noon will be more intense, it will be other times to 10 times. While hot summer will increase the carcinogenic effect of UV radiation, and increased abnormal eye movements and thus weaken your eyesight.

Therefore, the selection of a suitable discharge UV sunglasses for summer golfer essential. For how to select, experts give the following points:

1 to pick the one hundred percent UV protection sunglasses

(2) a lens capable of absorbing blue light can be a good help golfers reading greens and track ball flight rules, brown and amber lenses to enhance contrast.

3 When golfers swing when the head is slightly rotated, but this time frame sunglasses lower edge may interfere with the line of sight, so no frame sunglasses along would be better.

4 of the frame will be too loose when golfers swing slippage, detached from the nose, and thus interfere with players, so choose a snug fit of the frame is essential.

5 If necessary, can be equipped with a special dual-focus lens, so that players do not head up to an uncomfortable position, you can see the ball flight trajectory, but also can easily fill in the scorecard.

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Summer car should choose sunglasses brown and gray

In the summer, wearing sunglasses driving a large increase in the phenomenon. Foshan Hospital of Zhu Hai, deputy chief physician, said sunglasses to a certain extent reduce the impact of the sun on the line of sight, but the quality varies greatly due to the current sunglasses, plus there is a certain risk driving behavior, buy sunglasses should be cautious, should go to regular store purchase. If you just purchased a pair of glasses in the street wearing a car, it might give motorists buried security risk.

More rational use of shading plate

Experts, if you use the seat above the dazzling sun visor can solve the problem is generally not recommended to use sunglasses. Although high-quality sunglasses can effectively reduce the impact of light on the human eye, but more or less have an impact on vision. As a high risk driving behaviors, easy on the environment misjudgment lead to accidents. If you really want to use while driving sunglasses, suggest the best in their daily walk, walking habit of wearing sunglasses or work status. Need to be reminded that if you do not usually wear sunglasses, do not put the car alone.

Blue lens sunglasses should not be elected

Zhu Hai remind consumers do not buy the “blue light” sun glasses, the glasses can not filter UV rays. In the sunglasses of choice, try to choose brown or gray. Driving choose sunglasses, safety should be the first. Comfortable wearing see things is the most important indicator. It is worth recalling, wearing dark colored sunglasses, eyes will create a very dark environment, easily lead to dilated pupils, long-term wear eye will cause some damage.

Optometrist reminded to wear sunglasses while driving, should not choose pink, purple, light blue and other decorative effect is obvious Dress sunglasses, these colors will not achieve basic eye glasses protective effect, in addition, may also change color to produce color. In general, the car should wear a brown and gray glasses. Tinted lenses to filter out a lot of blue light, can effectively improve the visual contrast and clarity; while the gray lenses can absorb any chromatography equalizer, after wearing no obvious color.

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Anyone seen Snowden? Moscow transit fliers hope for a glimpse

When Edward Snowden finally leaves the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, it will lose its biggest attraction.

The former U.S. spy agency contractor has managed to stay out of sight for two weeks since arriving from Hong Kong on June 23, hoping to fly on to a country that would not send him back to the United States to face espionage charges.

The hordes of reporters who for days camped out in the hope of finding him have long since packed up and left. These days Snowden just provides sport for bored passengers trying to spot him as they while away the hours waiting for connecting flights.

“I offered my kids $200 to get a picture of him,” Simon Parry, a Briton, said as he waited in the interconnected transit area between terminals D, E and F, a maze of corridors, lounges, fast food restaurants and duty free shops.

Parry said he had sympathy with the former National Security Agency contractor, who divulged details of U.S. intelligence programmes – but not for political reasons.

After spending two hours at Sheremetyevo on his way from Hong Kong to Milan, he was already fed up.

“The wireless Internet is appalling, the prices are awful, and people never smile. So I commend him for making it 24 hours, let alone two weeks. I might rather face trial,” Parry said, sitting with his family at a Burger King outlet in Terminal E.

Snowden, 30, may have been kept in a secret area, perhaps underground, or moved around from day to day to avoid detection.

He will surely be relieved that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has now offered him asylum after more than a dozen states refused him entry or deferred a decision on his asylum request.

“Being trapped in this airport, you might as well be in jail – no air – finding a place to sleep. They must have put him in a secure location, but then you’re at the mercy of the Russians,” said Armin Hies, travelling for the hotel chain where he works.

Another game for bored passengers has been to guess what Snowden has been doing all this time.

Could he have been tempted to emerge from hiding to grab a burger, to buy some of the tacky Soviet memorabilia in the duty-free stores, or the diamond-encrusted handbags on sale nearby?

Has he ventured out to admire the displays of red, green and blue Faberge eggs selling for 1,000 euros each, or browsed the 200 euro sunglasses, perhaps to improve his disguise?

Where he has been washing is also not clear, although some toilets and showers dot the transit area. Sleeping cannot have been easy – the hum of vacuum cleaners punctuates the night.

Food in transit area restaurants could be brought to Snowden, even if he dare not venture out himself. He could by now have exhausted the menu at Russian diners like Mama Russia, which offers blinis, red caviar and cabbage soup, or at the two T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants offering more international fare.

Olga Samsonova, who has worked as a waitress for 18 years at Sheremetyevo, says the airport food is costly and that Snowden may have turned to handouts from Russian airline Aeroflot.

“That’s where he’s got his food from. I can’t say much about what it tastes like but it’s nutritional, more or less. And they give you yogurt for breakfast,” she said.

She had seen dozens of people – mostly asylum seekers – take up temporary residence at the airport in the time she has worked there, including an Iranian woman who spent nearly a year in the airport with her children before receiving asylum in Canada.

“At least there are lots of places to sit down,” she said, standing over stewed vegetables for sale under the fluorescent lights of Terminal F, built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Despite renovations to accommodate glitzy duty-free shops, the terminal with its grey walls and dark floors retains much of its Soviet flavour, though terminals D and E are much brighter.

For Yegor Alexandrovich, 60, who declined to give his full name, the airport has everything one could want.

“I stayed overnight here once and I felt like a king. You doze off, you wake up and the world is at your fingertips. Some of the restaurants even have buffets where you can go a second time,” he said, smiling.

Summer is almost halfway over. You read that right.

Seems like only yesterday the hot weather and high humidity came crushing down, along with near-daily torrential rains and thunderstorms. And now, the clock is steadily ticking the days away until Labor Day.

But just because summer is sailing by doesn’t mean it’s time to ease up on the precautions you’ve been taking for yourself, your loved ones and your pets when spending lots of time outdoors in high heat.

Yesterday, the Fourth of July — a day that many folks spend outdoors — was a hot (85 degrees, according to The Weather Channel) and humid (62 percent) day with UV levels in the “very high” zone, according to the EPA. Today, the temperatures are slated to be even hotter — about 90 degrees.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your cool and keep your pets and loved ones healthy during times of extreme heat:

* All you runners, walkers, golfers and bicyclists out there, make sure to stay hydrated with lots of non-alcoholic drinks. Drink even if you’re not thirsty. Exercising early in the day or after the sun goes down is another option to beat the heat. When you exercise vigorously you raise your core body temperature. “This triggers a release of blood into the capillaries of your skin to cool you down, which then reduces the blood supply available to your exercising muscles. This basically means that you will have less blood and oxygen delivered to the power source that moves you forward — and less blood to move out the waste products from these work sites. As the waste builds up in the muscle, you will slow down,” according to So if you’re feeling like your workout has stalled in the hot weather, blame the heat and use that excuse to slow down.

* Kids are even more susceptible than adults to heat-related illness. Help them keep cool and hydrated. And coated in sunscreen.

* Beware leaves of three. Poison ivy and other poisonous plants thrive in warm, wet summer weather. Having to suffer through a week of swollen, itchy skin is especially bothersome in hot weather. Better to avoid any plant that you cannot readily identify.

* Sunburn is just slightly less enjoyable than poison ivy. It takes up to six hours for a burn to manifest so you might not realize the extent to which you are burnt until it is too late. Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Reapply sunscreen every two hours, or after swimming or excessive sweating.

* If you’re outside, remember that so are mosquitoes, bees, ticks and other pests. Spray on some bug repellent before you head into the great outdoors. Insect repellents that contain at least 20 percent DEET can reduce your chances of tick bites.

* If you don’t have air conditioning at home, head to a place that does, like a museum or a movie theater.

* Pay close attention to your pets. Per the ASPCA, pets can get dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of fresh water. Make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful to not over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it’s extremely hot. Heat stroke is one of the deadliest summer dangers for dogs. Also, never leave your dog … or anyone … in the car on a hot day. says if you’re looking for something to help occupy your dog or keep them cool on really hot days, you might try filling a child’s wading pool. “Dogs that love water tend to really enjoy splashing around and even those dogs that don’t like to at least put their feet in on the really hot days.”

Above all, have fun, and keep your family safe for the rest of this summer.

Enjoy it while it’s here, because Christmas is less than six months away.

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